Schools & Workplaces

Practicising yoga in the workplace or at school has many benefits. Whether the sessions are part of a regular program of health-based activities or one-off events, both individual and organisation health can improve.

Our workplaces frequently place stresses and strains on employees - both physical and mental. Schools are no different and both students and staff can suffer from demanding schedules. Yoga offers a simple and quick response to alleviating these burdens through easy to learn stretches, breathing exercises and, often most importantly, through experiencing relaxation.

Specifically, individuals often experience a greater sense of calmness and clarity, are better able to manage their emotions, increase their energy and immune system as well as enhancing their physical status. The outcome for organisations is often a much more productive, stable and content workforce or school.

Kaleidoscope has contributed to many workplaces and schools over the last 10 years. Some of our clients are:

If you would like more information on how Kaleidoscope can contribute to your workplace or school contact Sue on 0410 541602 or Michelle on 0402 381292.